Battlestar Galactica Online Game Review

Battlestar Galactica Online is a video game based upon the science fiction TV series of the same name. This game follows the events from the more recent TV series previously พนันบอลออนไลน์ seen on the Sy-Fy network and not from the 1978 original. The game pits you right in the middle of the war between the robotic “Cylons” and the Human faction known as the “Colonial.”

Bear in mind, this game takes quite a long time to load depending on the quality of your computer due to its fancy 3D graphics. If you have an older computer, be prepared to wait before you can actually play the game.

Before you begin Battlestar Galactica Online, you have a choice on what faction you want to play as. It doesn’t really matter what side you choose, although there are some bonuses waiting for you if you choose to play as the Cylons. As in every video game, before any action take place you’re forced to play the tutorial level. You have the option of skipping the tutorial but it’s best to go through it as this isn’t the type of game you can just pick up and play.

You get to control a cool-looking spaceship and fly through the emptiness of space. The graphics are fully rendered in 3D and accurately captures the look and atmosphere of the TV show perfectly. There’s a tense and suspenseful score playing in the background and the game has full audio too. Hearing the intensity of laser blasts and missiles launching all around you can be a very blockbuster experience. It reminded me of the time I watched a Star Wars movie in the cinema for the first time – the sound really is that good.

While playing the game, you have a choice to dispose your enemies with laser blasts or missiles. Targeting in the game is easy as all you have to do is highlight any enemies in using your mouse and fire away. Some targets can be tricky to hit as they can be out of your range. No worries as you have the option to use your throttle to fly fast through space with ease. It may not be as fast as the hyperdrive in Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon, but flying and blasting enemies in space is can be loads of fun. Its unfortunate most game developers focus on real-world combat and don’t delve into science fiction anymore.

It would have been a much more user-friendly experience if you were able to use the keyboards to navigate your ship around the battlefield. Sometimes clicking on the mouse has its moments as you may press the wrong button a couple times. I wanted to shoot my lasers but several times ended up dying because I pressed to see the map instead.

Not only that, but the game is quite difficult to say the least. Sometimes you’re put right in the middle of a firefight and there’s no choice but to eliminate all the targets. This is easier said than done as flying your spaceship while shooting is difficult to achieve while using only the mouse. Like I said before, the use of keyboards or even a controller would have resulted in a more enjoyable experience.

As you further progress into the game, you will have the option of upgrading your ship. This includes upgrading the ship’s thrusters so it can travel faster or improve on its firepower. There’s not much in the way customizing the appearance of the ship, although the ships already look stylish in my opinion anyway.

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